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2nd July 2009

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Go to the replay:



BGS projects:

- Quarry or Not? 

Role-playing decision-making event for Year 12 Geography students.  Official video here.

- Schools Seismology Project

Project run by the BGS and supported by various HE institutions, and in the Derby/Derbyshire region by Aim Higher http://www.bgs.ac.uk/schoolseismology/


The Box:

David's adventures with his Year 8 class, the BBC and their box http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/business/8129738.stm


Music in Geography:

Kenny talked about the use of music in Geography... Ideas that were mentioned included:

- pulling apart lyrics, eg America from West Side Story for push and pull factors

- use of the Acme Science Songs, perhaps with students drawing diagrams of what they hear

- music as a classroom management tool

- useful stuff about the use of music in the classroom, together with a selection of music at I Can Teach

- open Spotify playlist that Kenny has started here

-contribute to a song database here


Angus referred to a CD of geography songs published by two teachers whose company is Education Through Music. He reviewed 'Exploring Geography Songs for Key stage 1 and 2' in the Times Education Supplement in 1995 https://www.tes.co.uk/article.aspx?storycode=12025 and was delighted to find they have audio clips online at http://www.etmusic.co.uk/ourmusic.php to try before you buy.


Angus also mentioned Country Life by Show of Hands for which the video and lyrics appear on the GA website (legit.) within this paper by Charles Rawding. It has many other music and film references for geography education.


The version of Country Life on 'As you were: live on tour autumn 2004' (not on Spotify) expands upon the impact of two supermarkets opening on the edge of a small town. The refrain 'they knew it would happen' sums up the planning process ignoring geographical factors learned at key stage 3!


Special Guest:

Jamie Buchanan Dunlop (aka Digital Explorer) joined us to talk about his School Grounds Project




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