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Meeting Archive


Meeting Date - click to go to meeting Discussed:
1 23rd April 2009 GA Conference, Twitter in the classroom,
QR codes
2 6th May 2009 SQGM and CGeog, Collaborative presentations, Open Source text book
3. 21st May 2009 Open Source text book, Doorstep Geography, GCSE '09 
4.  4th June 2009 Flip Video, Mobile Phones in the Field. 
5.  18 June 2009 360 Cities, Assessment, Discussing future of meeting 
6. 2nd July 2009
Various projects, use of music in Geog, deadlines, next meeting, Jamie B-D's School Grounds Project.
7.  22th October 2009  Various topics- main discussion blogging with students and independent learning tasks. 
8.  5th November 2009  It was bonfire night- we just had a chat... 
9.  19th November 2009  Google Chart Generator, Google Wave and APP. 
10. 3rd December 2009 Noel's fume and a general moan
11. 17th December 2009  Round-up and resolutions 
12. 3rd November 2010  Reunion, CA and podcasting
13. 18th November 2010 Flip videos, CA, Brain Rules, Engaging Geographies
14. 2nd December 2010 White paper, reestablishing Geography, clickview
15. 16th December 2010 White paper responses, history pin, thoughts about 2010 and 2011.
16. 13th January 2011 English Bac, Core Knowledge.
17. 27th January 2011 Core Knowledge, Controlled Assessment, ICT ideas
18. 10th February 20111 Google collaboration chat.
19. 10th March 2011 Mobile technology, raising achievement
21 24th March 2011 General chat!
22. 5th May 2011  
23. 19th May 2011  
24. 23rd June 2011  
25. 14th July 2011  

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