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Geography FM - The Music

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This is a link to a blog with lots of geography songs



I've just put Kenny's list and added one into an excel spreadsheet  - not sure how to make it appear on the page.

Geography Songs.xls


I created a public Google spreadsheet and its accompanying form here. To edit the spreadsheet, you can just enter the information on the form and your changes will automatically be reflected on the spreadsheet. Then if possible, add your songs to the Spotify playlist.







This is a bit of indulgence, but please bear with me... At the last flashmeeting on the 2nd of July, I suggested sharing a list of songs which could be used in the classroom for teaching purposes. This led to a discussion of how people were already using music and I proposed that we collated songs through a collaborative Spotify playlist (below), stating the context in which you have or would use the song. I am starting the ball rolling, please feel free to add your own tunes here. The link is:


Geography, eh, FM?


To start us off, here are mine. I am rubbish at tables so if someone wants to tabulate this later, go ahead :)


         Artist                                                                 Song                                                   Context


1. Super Furry Animals                                           Northern Lites                            Effects of El Nino/ Global Warming

2. Queens of the Stone Age                                   Mosquito Song                           Geography of Disease/ Development and Health

3. The Jam                                                            Strange Town                             Migration/ Urbanisation

4. The Smiths                                                    Back to the Old House                     Urban Decay

5. Pixies                                                              Wave of Mutilation                       Apparently 1st ever song about el Nino!

6. Mull Historical Society                                The Supermarket strikes back              Geography of Retail/ Urban change

7. Velvet Underground                                        Who loves the sun?                       Used in a vid about atmospheric circulation (tenuous!)

8. Nirvana                                                               Been a Son                              One Child Policy

9. R.E.M                                                 It's the end of the word as we know it         Used to intro population/ Overpopulation

10. Super Furry Animals                                          Carry the Can                            Global Warming

Comments (3)

noel@... said

at 3:50 pm on Jul 4, 2009

Great idea - thanks to Kenny and Jerry for creating the playlist and database. I've added a few more ideas - trying to keep it fairly eclectic!

Mr Hunt said

at 9:04 pm on Jul 4, 2009

A great idea, and something I have been meaning to do for ages, just got to the make a list on paper stage. I have added a few to spotify...enjoy.


Pauline Wright said

at 9:45 pm on Jul 4, 2009

Spotify is superb - thanks so much!

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