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Open Source textbook ideas

Page history last edited by noel@... 13 years, 8 months ago

OK - I have started putting some ideas down - but I feel that this topic is probably best discussed privately for now. Does anyone else have a view? 

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Angus Willson said

at 10:24 pm on May 27, 2009

I suggest the real value in this approach would be in structured learning activities rather than content. The sources need not be self-contained - which is the main weakness of the double-page spread. Secondly, it would be most useful to focus on what had worked and why in different circumstances. This type of analysis would help generate localisation, not standardisation, of teaching and learning. What do others think?

sixfootsy@... said

at 9:37 pm on May 31, 2009

I’ve been thinking lots about this idea. As I mentioned in the Flash meet, I have a set of Y10 who would like to have an experiment with this idea to produce some short units for KS3 students. I’d be more than happy to share what we do once we get going after half term.

However, I would still also like to plan something collaboratively with teachers elsewhere and also engage in some kind of collaborative evaluation. As Angus said, a SOW, unit, project that could be rooted in the local and personalised to our own schools would be great. Having said that I would really like to do something that we could then share with another class who had been carrying out a similar task to give students an experience of that genuine audience we mentioned in the meeting…

As an idea to kick us off… how about something based on “advertising” in the local area… There is some great stuff in Liz Taylors book that could be initially used in a unit on this theme. Something that I’m sure is part of all our local areas but could act as a great vehicle into some really big global processes…lots we could feed into surrounding sustainability, place, power, resources etc but I think that for something like this we would need to consider prior learning carefully. I do love the idea of the main learning outcome being a heightened appreciation of the work of Banksy. ;)

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