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Suggestions Member Discussed
C Geog Status and  G.A. Secondary Quality Mark. Tom B 6/5/09 Add any more thoughts to the discussion
Podcasting- time to revisit?  Tony C   
Mobile phones in Geography Victoria  

Open Source Textbook

Simon R 6/5/09 and next meeting?
Easily intergrating Citizenship into Geog, e.g. should we be promoting fair trade while saying that food miles are bad? David R  
Achieving a balance between an innovative/radical KS3 curriculum and preparing pupils for what is still assessment by written answers and knowledge retention at KS4.  Sally    
Topicality- How to ensure informed geography in a time of media hype? Tony   

14-19 Diplomas - anyone have geog students who are also following a diploma line of learning? or will have in Sept? I've lost interest in this now the tories have scapped the Humanities line, as predicted.


Ideas for further Google Docs collaborative pesentations. How to get more people to contribute.


How about an NQT special?  Noel   

'The more challenging and alien the knowledge, the more powerful the curriculum will be.' Chris Woodhead -Discuss

Or, if we have to have one, what 'core knowledge' might we want to see in a new geography curriculum? Angus

Differentiation  Pauline   
Guest slot (in-house CPD)  Kenny   
Links swapshop (regular?) Kenny   
Geography Book Club - how about a monthly book, and those who have read it can discuss the way they might use it in lessons / curriculum design e.g. 'The Road' by Cormac McCarthy.... / Fred Pearce / Ken Robinson etc.  Alan   

A two year KS3 - What and how can be done with 1 hour a week? 

Paul H   
Revitalising IWB use - I can't be the only one who's lapsed into treating IWB as a glorified projector screen? Victoria  
Iceland - happy to talk about the experience while you browse my holiday snaps :) Alan